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2022 January Engage Product Release

Note: Our release management approach for Engage is to use continuous delivery, for more details see Engage Release Management.

January's releases to include:

Engage Mobile and Web

Other Fixes and Improvements

Release January 10th

  • User interface enhancements to allow support for more languages.
  • When filters are reset the timeline date and time is remembered.

Engage Mobile

QR Code Scanner for Desk Check-ins or Reservations

Release January 10th

Now include support for the QR code scanner so your employees can check in to a desk or make a desk reservation.

Learn more in Set up the QR Codes for Desk Check-in and Reservation.


Other Fixes and Improvements

Release January 10th

  • Added a back button to the acknowledgement screen.
  • Reservation assist now shows an indicator for the number of active filters.
  • User experience improvements for biometric authentication.

Engage Web

Concierge Menu


Engage App UI Change by System Administrator
Release January 10th

We have built Engage so that it can act as a "virtual concierge" for your workplace. Its capabilities allow your employees to interact with your workplace services.

The Engage Web and Engage Mobile concierge menu only require your System Administrator to set up 3 menu items and then the menu will display. Also, they can specify which menu items are shown or hidden for the web or mobile.

Find out how to set up the Concierge Menu for 3 or more menu items and set up the Concierge Menu for Multilingual.

English Example


French Canadian Example


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