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Navigate the BOS Grid

BOS Status Column

When you are completing the BOS Move Data is useful to know what the icons are in the Status column:

Icon Description
This phase is locked.


This occupant is not moving.


No destination for this move.


This move has been published.

BOS Toolbar

The following can be used in the BOS Move Data screen:

Element Description

BOS Emails - This lets you send out the Ready, Set, Go Emails and the Welcome Email.


Refresh the BOS Move Plan Data from Live 

If you think the BOS Move Plan is out-of-date, then you can pull the latest occupancy data from the Live VBS data into the BOS Move Plan.


Push Occupants to Live 

When the occupancy data in the BOS Move Plan is more up-to-data than the Live VBS data. Then the Push Occupants to Live will update the occupant's From Location into the Live VBS data.

clipboard_e5f69a05b49e9c82d77cb89f952d82354.png Delete Move Rows - This lets you delete move rows from the grid.

Split BOS Row - This lets you track assets that are moving from a single location to multiple destinations.