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Change a space’s capacity, attribute or name

System Administrator
Sometimes a space's name, capacity (seats), and attributes in Locator can be different to what is physically on the floor. This is likely due to updates being made to the physical space that have not yet been updated in Serraview or there being a different numbering convention used Serraview compared to what is on the floor.

For example the space attributes in the filter.


Example of the space attributes for a room.


You can update the space's name, capacity (seats), and attributes.

From the VBS complete the following:

  1. From left-menu click Block & Stack (VBS). The Building Selection screen displays.
  2. Either select a building from the Building Selection or from the Recently Opened list.
  3. For the floor, click the toggle icon_right.pngicon to display the floorplan.
  4. On the floorplan, double click a space. The Update Space form displays with the Overview tab.
  5. In the Name field, enter the name of the meeting room.
  6. In the Seats field, enter the capacity of a space.
  7. Click the SVLive tab.
  8. Update the attributes, refer to Space Details Form.
  9. If the space is to display in the Locator, then check Show Availability in Locator check box.
  10. Click the Update Space button.
  11. Refresh the Locator's browser to view your changes.