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Wireup Workpoints Manually


The following are to be completed by an auditor to complete the wireup process.

Prerequisite Checklist

The Wireup module allows non-technical auditors to quickly and accurately audit locations to connect (or "wireup") switch ports to their physical locations.

You will need the following to complete the wire-up:

Wiring up via the Data Point

Workpoints can be physically wired up on the floor by plugging an ethernet cable into the network port at a workpoint or using a docking station and using the Wireup module to map that port to the specific desk on the Serraview floorplan.


If using a docking station, then have MAC Address Watcher running in the background. Refer to the Automated or Manual MAC Address Retrieval.

We recommend you check the MAC Address Watcher when you first begin wireup. Check the first five desks to make sure it is updating your MAC Address at each desk. 

Complete the following:

  1. Start the MAC Address Watcher. For more details, refer to the Automated or Manual MAC Address Retrieval.
  2. Plug your laptop into the network port or docking station at the desk/space you are wiring up.
  3. Wait till the Windows system tray displays you are on the wired network worddavd2023e16bd2ee7a6d5289a63a063071b.png (not WiFi worddav10f60dd7a0f95d4e7ef9d8baaaa9c016.png).

If there are other auditors wiring up, then the floorplan will update automatically with the wireup status.

From Serraview, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Integrations > Wireup. The Wireup module displays.
  2. Navigate to the building and floor that you are currently auditing.
  3. Click the Refresh image2021-7-19_11-18-7.png icon to ensure the MAC Address is updated.


4. Click the Find Switch Port button.

5. Click the workpoint and it is now wired up.

Unwired Wired up



6. After the wireup is complete, the desk/space will turn green on the floorplan.

7. Unplug the laptop.

8. Walk to the next desk you want to wireup.

9. Repeat steps 2 to 8 for each desk/space.

Do not use the Wireup module to validate the user that is plugged into the desk, use Locator to validate the user.

The Wireup module displays the last person that was seen on the desk since the last switch scan therefore it may not be up-to-date.

Watch the Wireup Video

In this video, you will see a workpoint being wired up.

Approx Length: 15 seconds Sound: No audio Direct Link: