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About Insights

Next Generation Analytics Platform

Insights is Serraview’s next generation analytics platform that will provide you with:

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Insights Editor
  • Insights Direct Connect

Watch the Insights Overview Video

01:04 Insights Reporting and Dashboards

02:20 Insights Editor

3:28 Insights Direct Connect

5:04 Insights Direct Connect vs Serraview API

Audio: Sound Length: 6 mins Direct link:

Insights Can Help with your COVID-19 Response

We are also able to provide access to the Starschema COVID-19 data set. We are using this data in Insights to provide you with a special set of dashboards designed to help with your planning around the COVID-19 pandemic and make informed, data-driven decisions as you respond to the global health emergency. Combined with your Serraview data, Insights is designed to help you visualize which of your buildings may need the greatest attention during this crisis and how and when you may be able to return your workforce to the workplace.

Contact your Account Manager to find out more or request a demo

Important Note about Insights Data

Aligned with industry best-practice and for performance reasons, Insights is based on point-in-time information stored in our Insights data warehouse (Snowflake). 

Currently, the Insights data warehouse is updated over-night for a full ETL i.e. whenever you use Insights you will be looking at yesterday's data. 

  • For our North American customers, overnight is based on Eastern time. 
  • For our Australian customers, overnight is based on Australian Eastern Time. 
  • For our Singaporean customers, overnight is based on Singapore Time. 
  • For our European customers, overnight is based on Central European Time. 

Also, it is updated hourly for time-series data such as Bookings, Badge, Sensor, and SVLive.

For more details on data model, see Insights Data Model and Insights Unified Data Model.

Get Started with Insights

Insights sits on top of the Serraview SaaS platform - including all of the data and integrations you already have in place. Here are the steps to getting started: 

  1. Sign an Order Form with your Customer Service Manager (CSM). SpaceIQ will schedule Insights to be turned on for your environment. 
  2. Grant Users with permissions to access Insights, see Security for Insights Dashboards.

Understand how to use the Insights Dashboards in Serraview

Start by understanding how to get started with the Insights Dashboards

The Insights dashboards are found under the following areas:

Also, there are dashboards for the Engage app, see Engage Dashboards and Reports


Insights Editor

Insights Editor will allow your super users to create and modify their own set of dashboards using our embedded Looker BI tool. For details, see Insights Editor.


Insights Direct Connect

Insights Direct Connect allows you to plug directly into our Snowflake Data Warehouse via an encrypted ODBC connection. 

Most of the popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools on the market, such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI allow you to connect to ODBC data sources like Insights Direct Connect. For details, see either:

Your IT Department might also want to make use of this ODBC connection to power integrations with your internal systems, or to populate an internal data lake where you can combine your Serraview data with other data sources.

Note that much like a mobile-phone-plan, Insights Direct Connect is based on a "fair-use" policy, capped at 50 hours of compute against our Snowflake Data Warehouse each month.