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285 Utilization Point in Time Report


Utilization Source: SVLive wired data

This report is found on the Reports Dashboard.

Displays workpoint-level utilization trends over time by day for a specific floor.

Note that Report 285 focuses on Peak Workpoint figures and includes only Wired data (since Wi-Fi data cannot be tied to a specific workpoint).

Provides a high-level overview of trends in utilization data and allows you to validate highs and lows by drilling into specific days and hours.

Key Data

  • A floorplan displays workpoint-level utilization for a specific 1-hour block of time.
    • Gray desks are completely free.
    • Light blue desks have a sleeping or inactive device connected.
    • Dark blue desks are in active use.
  • A timeline displays hourly utilization of the floor over the course of the entire day.
    • The purple line shows the total number of workpoints on the floor.
    • The lightest blue shows the total number of desks in use.
    • The medium blue shows workpoints being used by active devices.
    • The dark blue shows workpoints being used by sleeping or inactive devices.
  • A bar chart displays daily utilization of the floor for the entire month (showing what % of workpoints were in use during the busiest hour of each day).


The timeline will default to a 24-hour view of the day. This can be altered to display only specific business hours.