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Navigate the Block and Stack

Let us guide you through the Block and Stack (VBS) so you can become more familiar with this module and learn some of the common terms used.

The VBS module contains the following.

Building Selection Screen

From left-menu click Block & Stack (VBS). The Building Selection screen displays.

You can navigate to a building via:

  • From the Building Section drop-down, either enter the name of the building or click the drop-down to navigate to the building.
  • OR Click on a a recently opened building tile.


If you cannot find the building in the Building Selection drop-down then you will need to change the building's Show in VBS setting. For more information, refer to Show or hide a Building or Floor in VBS.

The VBS consists different areas and separate panel (on the right-hand side).

  • View Only and Edit VBS
  • Create Scenario Plan
  • VBS Toolbar
  • Block and Stack
  • Information Panel
  • Legend Panel
  • Audit History


View Only and Edit VBS Modes

The VBS will auto-save and this enforces that the VBS is the source of truth and must only be edited when you are making changes to the live VBS data. Auto-saving also means that no work can be accidentally lost.

For more details, refer to View Only Mode and Edit Mode.

VBS Toolbar


This toolbar consists of the following:

Element Description


Building icon


Building Selection drop-down

Click the x to remove the building and the Building Selection screen will display.


Reports icon

For more information, refer to Block and Stack (VBS) Quick Reports.


Report Parameters icon


Labels icon

For more information, refer to View Labels.


Spaces icon

For more information, refer to View the Spaces on the Block.


Building Workpoints and Opportunity statistics

For more information, refer to View Building and Floor Statistics.


VBS Toolbar Information icon

Block and Stack

The Block and Stack panel displays how all the teams are allocated to each floor, refer to Block and Stack.


VBS Blocking Toolbar

The VBS Blocking Toolbar only displays when you are in the Edit VBS mode. For more details, refer to VBS Blocking Toolbar.


Scratch Pad

The Scratch Pad is a virtual floor that is included in each building to use as a holding bay, refer to Move Teams using the VBS Scratch Pad.

Other Buildings Drop Target

Within the Visual Block and Stack you can move teams between buildings or between floors within one building, refer to Move Teams between Buildings.

Information Panel

The Information Panel provides statistics about teams, occupancy, spaces, costs, and utilization that display on the Dashboard tab depending on the selection, for more information on the statics refer to:

Also the Information Panel contains the following tabs:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Teams
  • People
  • Tags
  • Spaces Types

For more information refer to Navigate the Information Panel.

Legend Panel

The Legend Panel lets users to change the color of the block and stack by different parameters, the grouping of the stack and block to different levels in your Org Unit hierarchy, color workpoints in different ways and to easily select multiple teams on the stack and block to review aggregated data. For more details, refer to Legend Panel.

Audit History

The VBS audit history contains the details of all the changes made by users. For more details, refer to View the Block and Stack Audit History.