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Create Service Request Form Configuration

The following areas of the Create Service Request form can be configured.


Service Request Type and the Service Request Type Mapping

Service Request Type

The list of Service Request Types will determine how you can view, filter, and report on the service requests that are performed at your business. This is set up in the and this is set up in the Service Request Type keyword set.

For more information, see Configure the Service Request Types.

Service Request Type Mapping

If you only want to display to the business a limited selection of Service Request Types, now you can complete the Service Request Type Mapping to display only what you need. For example:


Team Name and Cost Center Auto-Populated

If you are assigned to a team and you create a new Service Request then the form will automatically populate with your team's name. For more details on a team assignment, see Manage the people in the Fixed or Flexible Team.

The cost center is assigned the person and if you have an employee with an unknown cost center, then see Update People with an unknown Org Unit.

Move Panel

For service request types that involve a move such as Move Request or Project Churn, then these need to be included in the setting, see Configure Move Location Validation Request Types

When you have a service request type that doesn't involve a move such as a Facility Request then don't include this request type in this setting and the Move Panel will not display.

Questions / Custom Fields

Service Request Types and associated Custom Fields

If your business has various Service Request Types that you want to display certain custom fields for you can set this up. Or if you have a custom field that needs to display for all service request types this can be set up too. See, Configure the Custom Fields for a Service Request Type

Downloadable Documents

If your business has documents you want your employee to download, then these can be attached. See, Set up a Document Library file to be attached to the form.