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Configure Service Request Type Mapping

Level: System Administrator

The Onboarding team or Serraview support will map the Service Request Types.

Your business may have various service request types such as: 

  • BAU - Additional Desks
  • BAU - Churn
  • BAU - Relinquish Desks
  • Major Works
  • Minor Works
  • Project Churn
  • Other Request
  • Relocation Request <10 People
  • Relocation Request >10 People

However, you may only want the business to select from a limited selection of Service Request Types in the Create Service Request screen. To display a limited selection, you can map the service request types.

For example:

Example Label Maps to Service Request Type - Keyword ID Keyword Name
'Report a Repair or Maintenance Issue':13331 Report a Repair or Maintenance Issue' 13331 Send a facility request to the Facilities team.
'Additional Desks':4143 Additional Desks 4143 Additional Desks Request
'Churn Desks Request':4144 Churn Desks 41144 Churn Desks Request
'Relinquish Desks Request':4145 Relinquish Desks 4145 Relinquish Desks Request
'Relocation Large Move':210714 Relocation Large Move 4150 Relocation Request >10 People
'Relocation Small Move':210710 Relocation Small Move 4148 Relocation Request <10 People
'Other':4147 Other 4147 Other Request

Now in the Create Service Request screen the Reason for Request only has the following types:


Step 1. Find the Service Request Type's keyword id

Before you complete the mapping, you will need to find the keyword ids.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Keywords.
  2. Search for Service Request Types.
  3. Select the Service Request Types keyword set.

The keywords display in the panel at the bottom of the screen and the id numbers display in the ID column.


For more information on the Service Request Types keyword set, refer to Configure the Service Request Types.

Step 2. Map the Service Request Types

Now, you can set up the mapping.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > New Service Request Form.
  2. In the Service Request Type Mapping field, enter the mapping

The mapping must be in the format:


For example:

The order of the request types will determine the order they are displayed in the Reason for Request drop-down.

{'Report a Repair or Maintenance Issue':13331,'Additional Desks Request':4143,'Churn Desks Request':4144,'Relinquish Desks Request':4145,'Relocation Large Move':4150,'Relocation Small Move':4148,'Other Move Request':4147}

4. Click the Update button.