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Push Occupants to Live

When the BOS Occupant column has been manually adjusted within the BOS Move Plan, the Push Occupants to Live will update the occupant of the From workpoint location into the Block and Stack (VBS).

From the BOS Plan Moves Data screen, complete the following:

  1. Select the row check box to the left of the row. Note: You can select the top check box to select all the rows OR to select multiple rows, use the Ctrl key + click to select multiple rows. You can also select the first row, hold the Shift key and then select the last row which will select all rows between those two points.

2. Click the Push Occupants to Live clipboard_e8373e59389f8c64e92c921afcc41bbbd.png icon. The message displays, Are you sure you want to push 1 occupant to live?

3. Click the Push Live button.

4. Review the Block and Stack (VBS) to see your changes.