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Version 2.35 - July 2014 Release Notes

New Major Features

BOS Sync Occupant allows users to push and pull from/to live (single occupant desks only).

Two new options available in the BOS Action dropdown:

  • "Refresh occupants from live" which updates the current VBS occupant.
  • "Push occupants to live" which updates the VBS with the BOS occupant.

Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements


Hood Stacking can be changed on an unmapped Floor.

Hood Stacking is now equal to the blocking (cannot be disabled).

Hoods can now be over-stacked.

  • An over-stacked Hood displays a warning.

Added Hoods to Reports 22, 36 and 46.


Now able to attach a role to a person when sending them an invitation granting them access to Serraview.

Improved wording when reset password emails expire.


BOS migration managers reset password email link now filters BOS grid properly.
Project tag text box no longer available.

BOS reports now show workpoint labels by default.

BOS search field is able to filter on blanks.

BOS project "lastupdate" column is updated correctly.

Improvement in large BOS grid performance.

Quick Report 165 defaults to Labels showing.

First Day emails now show the true sender in the email address 'From' field.

Buildings & Floors

Building NLA uses aggregation of Floors NLA.

My Workplace

Message below Confirmation panel able to include links.
Help Link in My Workplace now redirects to Zendesk support documentation.


Org Unit search box now supports Enter key. The result will highlight the first match result.

Data Imports

Occupancy report fixes and performance improvements.

Generic imports can now handle accented characters.

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