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View the Neighborhood tab

The Neighborhood tab displays information about the neighborhood(s) selected in the block or stack in a tabular format.

To see the neighborhoods on a floor, on the stack select the floor. Then from the Informational panel, click the Neighborhood clipboard_e6befe311dd8332b836aed3196d6238c7.png tab. This displays the neighborhood(s) on the floor.


The Neighborhood tab displays the following:

  • icon_capacity.png  Workpoints
  • icon_people.png Capacity
  • icon_workpoints.png Opportunity
  • icon_opportunity.png People

If you need to find a neighborhood, then complete the following:

  1. Click the filter icon_filter.png icon.
  2. In the filter field, enter the name of the neighborhood. As you type the list will filter to display the matching names. 


This is where you can add, edit, or delete a neighborhood. Head on over to the following articles for the details: