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Receive files from Serraview via SFTP

This process involves a secure connection being made from Serraview to the Client's SFTP. Some clients use the transfer for reports. Below detail the requirements for the Client's SFTP server information to be set up to PUSH files from Serraview to the Client.


Step 1. Approval and IT engagement for SFTP

Engage your IT team to begin SFTP configuration. The set up usually requires internal approval.

Step 2. Provide Technical Details

After your IT team has been engaged, they will need to provide technical information to Serraview. All the technical details for your IT team can be found in:

Step 3. Test SFTP Connection

Serraview will work with your IT team to test this connection. This will require the Serraview to push a test file to the Client's SFTP server, and the Client to check if the test file has been received. The test file can be a .txt file with the word 'test' in it.