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Eptura Knowledge Center

System Config

While there are a number of configurable elements within Serraview, the following areas cross over a number of modules and can be customized to your business needs. 


There are many settings under the General Configuration area and your System Administrator can update these settings. Also, there are setting that only Serraview can update. This article General Configuration details which setting your System Administrator can update.

System Troubleshooting

The System Troubleshooting provides information to help you understand, isolate, and resolve issues.

Serraview will use your company's logo on your Sign In screen, Workplace, Locator, and some reports, see Branding and your Company's Logo.


Many of Serraview's forms and dialogs will include existing keywords that are used as field labels or a drop-down list. Learn more in Keywords.

Quick Reports

Quick Reports refers to the Reports icon visible at the top of the screen in most modules. It is configured on a per-module basis. It lets you run reports without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module. Learn more in Quick Reports.

Retention Status

Retention statuses are mainly used by Workplace Administrators using Workplace, and they can be used within the VBS. Learn more in Retention Statuses.


Tagging is a simple labeling system for entities in Serraview. Tags are used to help categorize items in several different ways e.g. you may put a tag on a workpoint to highlight its potential future use and visualize it within both VBS and within floorplan reports. Learn more in Tagging.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are available across the Serraview product to capture client-specific information for import and within reporting. This functionality greatly enhances the power of Serraview to provide meaningful data for all levels of the business. Learn more in Custom Fields.

Email Communications

Corporate Real Estate teams are a pivotal point within any organization and keeping end users apprised of relevant information regarding space requests, relocations and the validation of occupancy information is crucial. Configurable email templates allow you to customize Serraview communications to suit your business needs. Learn more in Email Communications.