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Workplace Administration Configuration

Level: System Administrator

This section contains a quick reference to the configuration, to help you find out where to complete the task. 



Menu Quick Reference

Administrator Type List

In Serraview there are Workplace Administrators, Storage Administrators, BOS Coordinators, and Technology Coordinators and these are maintain in the administrator type list via the Person Location Relationship Types keyword.

Refer to Configure Administrator Type List.

Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Keywords.

The values are found in the Person Location Relationship Types keyword.

Access Profile Sync Mapping

The Access Profile Sync Mapping will synchronize the information into the Team form's Administrators Tab.

Refer to Configure Access Profile Sync Mapping.

Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Profile Administration.

Workplace Roles for Invitation

When a Workplace Manager or Workplace Administrator is sent an email invitation then a default secured role will be assigned to their Serraview user account.

If you set up a different secured role for your Workplace Manager and/or Workplace Administrator, you will need to include the secured role ID in the Roles For Invitation setting.

Refer to Configure the Workplace Roles for Invitation.

Refer to the procedure.

Quick Reports

The Workplace Administration module has a set of quick reports that can be run without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module. 

Refer to Workplace Administration Quick Reports and Configure Quick Reports.

Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Profile Administration.