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Version 2.47 - February 2017 Release Notes

Release 2.47 includes notable changes and new features for Space & Relocations, Serraview Workplace, and Scenario Planner and BOS. The release also includes several Minor Changes and Fixes.

Space & Relocation

New Team Right-Sizing Functionality

Serraview now provides Space Planners with two new tools ("Set Stack by Percent" and "Set Stack to Peak Utilization") that allow them to quickly re-size teams within Scenario Planner. These tools are located under the VBS Tools menu are available only for Scenario Planner only.

Serraview Workplace

View/Edit Administrator Comments in Workplace

Comments added by Team Administrators in Workplace are now available for viewing and updating, via the VBS Team form and Serraview Workplace (flexi teams).

Here is how to add comments in Workplace:

  1. Click a team to open the Workplace Team Details form.
  2. Click the Arrow > to the right of the team name to open the Administrator Comments box.
  3. Enter a comment and click Done.

Here is how to turn on Workplace Admin comments for VBS:

  1. Go to the Configuration tab.
  2. Click on VBS.
  3. Scroll down and select the box next to VBS Show Validation History.
  4. Click the Update button and then click the Save icon.
  5. Refresh the page to see your changes.

To edit the Administrator Comments in Workplace, the user must be listed as the 'Workplace Administrator' for the team.

Validation details (including comments) now display in a new Validation tab within the Team form

A new tab has been added to the Team form displaying validation details from Workplace. The tab displays all validation data from the last 12 months, sorted by most recent first.

Workplace - Read Only Full Access to Entire Portfolio

Workplace now provides an easy way to grant users access to an entire portfolio in read only mode - while allowing them to make changes to those teams that they are explicitly assigned to as the Workplace Administrator. To achieve this, it requires the new secured action of "Workplace - View All Floors". This can be used in conjunction with other existing Workplace secured actions.

The "Workplace - View All Floors" secured action cannot be used on its own; it must be used in conjunction with other Workplace secured actions.

Scenario Planner and BOS

A new secured action called "Move Projects Administration" has been created to address access problems that can arise when the owner of a private Move Project does not assign a co-owner to their project and leaves the organization or takes extended leave.

Minor Changes and Fixes


Enhancement - Send Emails drop-downs no longer include an Excel icon beside the email name.

Buildings and Floors

Fix - Resolved an issue where selecting or deselecting the 'Show in VBS' field at a building level did not apply the change to the associated floors. The change removes the need from users to manually repeat the selection for each floor of the building.


Fix - Region Summary Report (#71) - Resolved an issue where this report was not running correctly for some Clients.

Scenario Projects

Fix - It is no longer possible to add the same building twice to a scenario project, as this was causing issues.

Serraview Workplace

Fix - Resolved an issue where it was not possible to remove admins from teams by clicking on the X icon.

Fix - Resolved an issue where the 'Sort by Date' filter in Portfolio Manager > Workplace wasn't working correctly.

Service Requests

Fix - Resolved an issue where From & To Locations changed to 'Unknown' after submitting the Service Request.

Fix - Fonts across the Service Request Approval Form are now consistent.

Fix - The Help Link in Service Requests now direct users to the correct page within the Help Center.

Space Mapping

Fix - Resolved an issue with the tool tip in the Search field, which incorrectly suggested that it could be used to perform a team search.

Space Types and Retention Status

Fix - Resolved an issue where changing a space type with a retention status meant you couldn't save and caused Portfolio Manager to freeze. Changing to a non-chargeable space type now removes the retention status, but any changes to a chargeable space type won't affect its retention status.


Fix - Resolved inconsistent spelling found in some parts of Serraview (does not address 'tool-tips').

Fix - Resolved the Occupancy Ratio & Target Ratio tool-tips which were displaying as "workpoints to people", instead of "people to workpoints".


Fix - Resolved an issue triggered when a team was selected whilst the floorplan was still loading (team workpoints were not being selected correctly and subsequent use of the painting tool meant desks could be allocated to a different team).

Fix - Sort order logic has now been added to the New Spaces tab in the Information panel. It now sorts from highest to lowest.

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