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Scenario Plan Prerequisites

VBS Knowledge

It is recommended that you have a solid understanding of the VBS module of Serraview before creating any Scenario Plans.

VBS Data

Data used in a Scenario Plan is from the VBS Live Environment at the time the scenario was created. 

Before you create the Scenario Plan, it is highly recommended to check:

  • All floorplans and space types are up-to-date.
  • That validation is completed and the VBS occupancy is up-to-date. For more information, refer to Workplace Portal and Block and Stack (VBS).
  • Team allocation data is correct in the VBS.

Scenario Sandbox and the VBS Live Environment

Scenarios Move Plans allow Corporate Real Estate team to develop strategic plans around their property portfolio in a Scenario Sandbox and then update the Visual Block & Stack (VBS) Live Environment quickly and efficiently. The Scenario Move Plans process can be complex, and it is important to understand the functions as you create, maintain, and implement your scenario.


# Description


Scenario (Sandbox) - Create Scenario Plan

When you create a Scenario Plan a copy of the current state of the Live VBS is made and this is saved in a Scenario Sandbox. Any changes you make in this sandbox is isolated and will not update the VBS in the Live Environment.


Scenario (Sandbox) - Plan

In the Scenario Plan you can complete the following:

  • work with that data to formulate scenario plans for your block and stack.
  • move fixed teams, flexible team, and neighborhoods.
  • change the team or neighborhood's allocation size.
  • allocate people to desks or teams.
  • split or join teams.

Live VBS changes reflected in the Scenario Sandbox

The initial Scenario Plan was created based on a up-to-date Live VBS data, it is is important to make sure that the Scenario Plan it is in synchronization with any  activity in the Live VBS. 

To assist with keeping the Scenario Plan up-to-date with the Live VBS, you can use the synchronization feature to update the Scenario Plan.


Implement the Scenario Plan to update the Live VBS 

After the physical move is completed, you can implement the Scenario Plan's phase. This will update the VBS in the Live Environment.