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Insights Release Management

Continuous Delivery

Our Release Management approach for Serraview's Insights is to use Continuous Delivery. We will publish the dashboards by using continuous delivery. This means the dashboards will be released more frequently into the Production Environment.

What you gain

  • Frequent small releases to allow for incremental change.
  • Reduces risks of bugs being shipped to production as regressions are captured early by automated tests.
  • Building the release is easy as all integration issues have been solved early.
  • Deployment is automated and requires minimal user intervention.


Plan - Develop - Test

Our product and development team plan, develop, and test each release. As the development and quality assurance is completed, established checkpoints must be signed-off before the dashboard is considered ready for release.

Now let us focus on the part that matters to you .... 


Publish Dashboard


Publish to Production

We aim to release every 2 weeks and the dashboard will be Internal Tested first and then published to the Production Environment.

Adhoc Fix

If a critical issue is found, we will release an Adhoc Fix we will test this internally before it is released to the Production Environment. 

Insights Editor and Insights Direct Connector

We aim to release the Insights Unified Data Model and enhancements to the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process every 4 to 6 weeks.

Product Documentation 

The product documentation will be updated as the dashboard when the dashboard is published and each month we will have a What's new article published. If there are any new features or interactions with the Insights Dashboards these will be highlighted and in the Serraview's Contextual Helpimage2020-5-11_9-46-45.png.


As you use Insights in your business you will be supported by the Serraview Community, Serraview Product Team, and the Serraview Support team.


We encourage customers to vote on ideas in UserVoice to help us determine the need and prioritize the work.