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Eptura Knowledge Center

SVLive Troubleshooting Floorplan Dashboard


This dashboard provides a quick, graphical representation of SVLive wired activity to help users quickly identify and locate any desks with data reporting issues.

Activity appears on a map of a selected floor with desks marked in a grey color if they have had no wired SVLive activity within the selected date range, blue where there was activity.  Below the floorplan appears a table of the desks shown on the floor and the last time they had activity.

This single-floor dashboard is separate from the existing, comprehensive SVLive troubleshooting report so users have the opportunity to schedule a single floorplan to be automatically delivered when designated criteria are met (e.g., at end of month for all desks with no activity in the past 30 days). 


  • This report focuses on activity specific to individual desks and, as such, pertains only to ‘wired’ SVLive data, not WiFi based presence detection.