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Workplace Portal Troubleshooting

The following troubleshooting articles will help you diagnose and solve problems.



Workplace Validation

The common issues with validation are:

  • Data entry may be inaccurate – Resolve with adequate training, support, and ongoing communication.
  • Executive Buy-in – A validation process needs to be a top-down initiative. Executive buy-in is critical as you will be asking people to do extra work by becoming Workplace Administrators for their Business Unit. It is important that the benefits of validation are well understood and communicated to ensure participation and accuracy in data entry.
  • Timing – When should we validate?
  • Chargeback process – If there is no chargeback process, there may be less buy-in from the business units. 
  • Cost associated with the validation process.

When do the workplace configuration settings take effect?

All Workplace configuration setting changes take effect instantly.

This includes: