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Assign Workplace Administrator to Teams

You can assign Workplace Administrators to existing teams.

In this example the team called Funding & Grants will be assigned Irene Ogden who is their Workplace Administrator.

  1. Navigate to Validation > Workplace Admin.
  2. If you want a particular team then you can search for the teams name. In the Search field, enter the name of the team. For example Collections. The grid will display the result.
  3. Click the Select image2020-3-2_11-1-12.pngicon to select the team(s) in a particular location. 


  1. Click the Edit button. The Workplace Administrators dialog displays.


  1. In the People field, enter the name of the person and you can add multiple names.
  2. Form the Security Role drop-down, select the Workplace Validator (or Workplace Administrator).
  3. Click the Add button.

This will give the person the required secured action and then send out an invitation email.

If you want to check the assignment, then search for the Workplace Administrator's name and the grid will display the results.