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Update the Scenario Plan Details and Security


The Scenario Plan Details screen displays a Scenario Plan was created or an existing Scenario Plan was opened.

The security for the Scenario Plan's security can be changed to either Public or a Private plan. Learn more about security in Security in Scenario Plans.


Below describes how to update the security.

Area Description
  1. Click the Edit icon_pencil.png icon.
  2. In the name field, enter the name of the Scenario Plan.
  3. Click the Save Name button.
  1. Click the Edit  icon_pencil.png icon.
  2. In the description field, enter the description of the Scenario Plan.
  3. Click the Save Description button.

Public Scenario Plan

You can change the private plan to be public.

  1. Click the Make Public button. The plan is changed to public.

Private Scenario Plan

You can change the public plan to be private.

  1. Click the Make Private button. The plan is changed to private.

Add Users to a Private Plan

If you want you can add people to access the plan.

  1. Click the + Add Person.


2. In the add a person field, enter the name of the person.

3. From the Permission drop-down, select either: Owner, Co-owner, Write, Read.

5. Click the Grant Access button. The person is granted access and displays in the list.


Delete the user of a Private Plan

To delete the user, next to the name of the user, click the X icon.