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Highlights Through to 2020 April 20

Below are the highlights for the release.

Scenario Planner

Quick Reports

The quick reports can be generated from the Scenario Plan Move Summary screen, refer to Scenario Planner Quick Reports.




New secured action called: BOS - Send Manual Emails

This secured action will:

  • Allows the user to send the manual emails such as Ready Set Go emails and the Welcome email.

Status Column

If a BOS Occupant is set to be Not Moving then the Status column will display a Warning icon, refer to Update the Occupant's To Location.


BOS Emails

Serraview has default Ready Set Go emails set up and these can be sent out to people, refer to Send the Ready Set Go emails.

The following manual emails now can be sent out:

  • Ready Email - sent out weeks in advance of the move to notify people to prepare for the move.
  • Set Email - sent out a few weeks before the move to notify people to pack their things.
  • Go Email - sent out on move week to notify people that everything is ready and to confirm the move details.

Also, the post move email can be sent out, refer to 

  • Welcome Email - sent out post move as a thank you email and includes post move information, refer to Send Welcome Email.

Coming Soon - the automatic emails that are sent when you invite someone to complete a BOS Move Plan, refer to Invite people to Complete the BOS Move Plan.

User Security


The Roles form has been enhanced so you can see which users are assigned the role. Now you can quickly update which users are assigned the role, refer to Manage User Roles.



Company logo to display in the Serraview Emails

Your company logo will be embedded in the emails that are sent out from Serraview. When you have your company logo set in Configuration > General setting then it will display in the emails, refer to Branding and your Company's Logo.


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