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Switch Scanning

SVLive1 MLS uses SNMP to communicate with the network switches. SNMP uses UDP to communicate so if there are any network bandwidth problems, the UDP traffic will be disregarded. MLS interact with the network switches using SNMP polling (every time period).

SNMP traps is not supported as the server only supports one-way traffic from the server to the switch.

MLS switch scanning requires an SNMP read only community string. The string is configured on the switches at the time of implementation and it is communicated to the  Serraview Implementation team to set up on the MLS. MLS can be configured to use only one community string at a time, hence all switches to be scanned need to have the same community string for MLS to scan.

The SNMP OIDs used by switch querying are:

OidvtpVlanEntry =;
OiDvtpVlanState = .;
OiDdot1DTpFdbAddress = .;
OiDdot1DTpFdbPort = .;
OiDdot1DBasePortIfIndex = .;
OiDifName = .;
OiDifLabel = .;
OiDifAlias = .;

If there is an ACL to restrict SNMP access to certain clients, then MLS would need to be added to the access control list.

The Client provides switch details (name, IP Address, building it services, floor(s) it services) at the time of implementation and provide them to the  Serraview Implementation team to import, so the MLS knows which switches to scan.

The format of the Switch Import is described in the Switch Import and the Client can send the Switch Import file to the Serraview Support Team, use the File Upload's category Other and include a comment.

The location details required are the floors that the switch services, not its physical location. For example, a switch might be physically placed on level 2 but services wall ports on level 4 and 5.

Only endpoint switches servicing workstations/meeting rooms/wall ports should be included in the list; distribution switches and router switches are to be excluded.

Below is a sample switch information table showing all the required information.

Switch Name

Switch IP


Servicing Floor

Servicing Additional Floors


385 Bourke St, Melbourne




385 Bourke St, Melbourne




415 Collins St, Melbourne