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Workpoint Safe Spacing Floorplan Viewer Dashboard


As return-to-work guidelines and strategies evolve and the maintenance of safe spacing in the workplace is a consistent concern. Whatever distance an organization decides to provide to its workers in any location, Space Planners need to know:

  • how many workpoints meet the requirement?
  • where any problem locations exist so they can further investigate or identify which spaces to take offline in order to maximize safe capacity.

Insights' Safe Spacing Dashboard provides:

  • a filter to restrict the scope of evaluation to any single or multiple portfolio locations.
  • adjustable ‘safe’ distance.
  • summary metrics that provide overall context.
  • charts to focus attention on the highest priority locations by percent or total count of issues.
  • drill-down links, that include a link from individual floors to the Workpoint Safe Spacing Floorplan Viewer Dashboard.

Special Data Elements

  • Working from Home or Office is a set using a flag on a person, refer to Bulk Update Person.

  • Spaces Below Minimum Separation - this is the number of spaces within the scope of the filter whose center-to-center linear distance is less than the Minimum Separation Distance (this can be set in the dashboard filters).

 Special Filters

  • Minimum Separation Distance filter - This parameter allows planners to evaluate the effect different ‘safe’ distances on their portfolio’s capacity. Can be specified as Feet or Meters. Default is 6 feet.

  • Click on any city or building bar, a pop-up menu displays, and then click the Safe Spacing Dashboard (drill-in). This will filter the chart and reload the dashboard.




  • The Safe Spacing evaluation requires Serraview to contain floorplans with identified workpoint locations.