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Update Cost Center and Costs

From the Manage Service Request screen.
  • Click a service request to edit. The Edit Service Request screen displays.

Update Cost Center


  1. For the field you want to edit , click the Pencil icon_pencil.png icon to edit and the drop-down displays.
  2. From the Cost Center drop-down, search or select the cost center.
  3. From the Charge To drop-down, search or select the cost center that will be charged.

Update Costs

If the service request has costs involved, you can manage the costs involved. 


  1. Click the Edit icon_pencil.png icon to edit. The Costs dialog displays.


2. Click the Addicon_add.pngicon. 


3.  Complete the following:

Field Description
Name field

Enter the name of a supplier.

Supplier drop-down

Select the name of the supplier.

Reference field Enter the reference number.
Cost field Enter the cost.

4. Click the Add new cost button.


5. When you have completed the costs, click the Close button.

If needed you can either:

  • add another cost, click the Add clipboard_e062428ffeeefdc33ae86762d88847f93.png icon
  • edit the the cost, click the Pencil clipboard_e50f2c3a83c503d7230bc329c02d49704.pngicon
  • delete the cost, click the Trash clipboard_e0f1cc50673c7168c5860a535a9e0f330.pngicon.

The service request may have default costs configured and the costs will be associated to the request type, refer to Configure Service Request Default Costs.