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Why is a space displaying as unavailable but is free?

When using Locator with SVLive

This can be caused by a variety of reasons. For example:

  • People may have left a meeting early or cancelled without cancelling the booking. In these cases, the booking still exists in Serraview even if the room is free.
  • Sometimes, if people have only just left a meeting area or a sensor has been triggered, the space may still display as booked until the space becomes 'unoccupied' again.
  • If a space has not been properly set up with a calendar, it will display as 'booked' all the time regardless of sensors. If you believe this is the case, then contact your System Administrator.
  • Sensors may have recently detected activity, be faulty, be mapped to the wrong room, or be detecting movement outside of the room (e.g. people walking past).

When using Locator with Manual Occupancy

If you only have manual occupancy data and are using Locator in conjunction with a calendar management system such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar, the Find a Space tool reads directly off the calendar system only. If people leave a meeting early or forget to cancel a booking, the booking still exists in Locator even if the room is physically free.