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Allow Employees to Reserve their Assigned Desk

Level: System Administrator / Serraview Implementation Team

Maybe you have an employee who has a particular ergonomic desk or they work with sensitive data. If you have an employee who requires an assigned desk, then you can set the desk booking access so only they can reserve the desk.

In the VBS you can see that the Harrison Office, Boston has as employees assigned to a desks. In this example, you will set up the employees to be able to reserve their desk.


From the Spaces Module, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Spaces.
  2. Use the Location Selector drop-down to navigate to the building and floor.
  3. From the Selector, select the Engage Booking Access viewThe floorplan displays the booking access by color.

This view only displays spaces that are set to Interactable, if you do not see a specific space then check the Space Type's setting, refer to Set up the Space Types for Engage.

4. Click the Edit Floor icon.

5. Click the Bulk Update image2021-5-31_9-13-12.png icon.

6. Click on the floorplan and drag the cursor across the points to select. 

If you need to reposition the floorplan when selecting points, then use the panning mode. Either hold down the space bar or click the Planning Mode image2021-5-31_9-46-3.png icon and then reposition the floorplan.

7. For the Reserving Enabled check box, click the Don't Update and change this to Overwrite.

8. Check the Reserving Enabled check box. When this checked this will enable the Booking Access drop-down.

9. For the Booking Access drop-down, click the Don't Update and change this to Overwrite.

10. From the Booking Access drop-down, select Assign to desk.

11. Click the Update button.

12. Click the Publish Changes button.

The spaces are updated to allow the employees to reserve their desks.