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Update your Buildings and Floors

Let us guide you through how to update your buildings and floors found in your portfolio.

The common activities that your business may complete are:

Show a building or floor in the VBS - Buildings and Floors shows your entire portfolio and includes key data like region, area, number of workpoints, and if the building displays in the VBS or not. If you want to display the building and/or the floor.

Target Ratios - These are set starting at the Portfolio level and then the buildings, floors, and teams will automatically have the same target ratio as the portfolio. 

Update Floorplans  -  When a change has taken place to the layout of a floor, it is necessary to update the floorplan in Serraview to reflect this. 

Manage the Portfolio - You can manually manage your portfolio manually and add or edit a building, floor, or zone. 

If you want to delete a building, floor, or zone we recommend you to read this article first Before you delete that Building, Floor, or Zone, read this article!