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2023 October Serraview Product Release

October's release includes:

36 Detailed Building Stack Report Enhancement

Released October 7th

This report's Hood column has been changed to Neighborhood.

General Maintenance - October 7th

Released October 7th

  • Spaces Module 
    • The Custom Field View now highlights the spaces as per the custom field value.
    • The Space Card now displays the attributes of the space.
    • When you display the Space details form’s Attributes tab, then the Reservable From and Reservable To fields change back one day. This has been fixed.
  • Building Custom Fields - When you save a building custom field, the value will now be saved.
  • Scenario Plan - When you drag a person from the People tab to assign a seat or use the Erase tool to remove a person, an error will be displayed. This has been fixed.
  • Serraview and Engage
    • When a employee reserves a desk the confirmation mail will now display the correct local date and time.
    • Check-in emails where sent out for a room were the check-ins are set to off. This has been fixed.