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Deep-link to a Report

You can deep-link to a report in the Reporting Dashboard and this link can be accessed from outside Serraview.

Step 1. Open a Report

  1. From left-menu, click Analytics > Reporting Dashboard. The list of reports available to you is determined by your level of access.
  2. Click a report to open it. For example, 298 People Utilization On Floor.


Step 2. Adjust the report and copy the URL

  1. Use the parameters in the header bar to adjust the dashboard display and this will update the report's URL.
  2. Copy the report's URL.


For example:


The above URL format is:



  • [client_instance] is the client's instance
  • [reportid] is the Serraview report id

  • [date][time] is the day, month, year and time
  • [floor_number] is the building's floor number

Step 3. Paste the report's URL

  1. In the external web page add the report's URL.
When a user clicks on the report's URL they will need the secured action called Web Dashboards - Access to display the report in the Reporting Dashboard. 
If you require access, then contact your System Administrator. For information on how to add secured actions to a role, refer to Manage User Roles.