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2021 April Engage Product Release

April's releases include:

Engage Mobile

Hide Person's Contact Details

Released April 13 and note this setting is for Engage Mobile and Engage Web.

If your business needs to hide contact information from a Person card, then your System Administrator can set this up.

For more information, refer to Disable a Person's Contact Information.

Person card with Contact Details hidden


Other Fixes and Improvements

Released April 30th.

  • Numerous performance enhancements when you use the search.
  • Numerous performance enhancements for the Location Selector.
  • Concierge menu supports additional intranet site configurations.

Engage Web

Released to Engage Web on the April 27th

Landing Page

Engage Web will have a the Landing Page set up.


Interact with spaces or view a space

You can click on a space to display the space card and if you need the ability for spaces to be reserved then this can be set up. For more details, see Set up Space Reservations without Calendar Integration.


Display on location on Google Maps

When you click on the space's location this will display the location in Google Maps.



Calendar Displays

Select the Calendar icon to display the calendar.



Updated Date and Time picker in the Now view

Select the Now icon to display the new Date and Time picker.



First Responders

From the People area, click the First Responders icon to display the filter.



Released to Engage Web on the April 16th

Global Search

Search feature now enables the ability to search for people, desks, spaces, and more.

Deep Linking

You can use a URL to directly load a person, space, or desk and its corresponding floorplan. For more details, refer to Deep Linking.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous small fixes to the user interface for cross browser compatibility.

Global Search 


Deep Linking