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Match Allocation to Blocking

While you can use the Painting tools (Paint Roller and Paint Over Roller) to manually adjust the blocking to match the stack if desks are available, you also can use the Match Allocation to Blocking within the Team form to update the stack to reflect the blocked desks. The Match Allocation to Blocking can be used to correct teams with over blocked and under blocked workpoints.

For example, the Asset Portfolio Management team is over blocked by 15 workpoints. To correct this the match allocation to blocking is used to change the workpoints to 30 workpoints.

From the VBS complete the following:

  1. Click the toggle icon_right.pngicon to display the floorplan. Teams that have a stack or block discrepancy will display a warning icon.


2. Select the team with the warning icon. The warning message displays in the Dashboard tab. 

3. Double-click the team with the warning icon. The Team dialog displays.

4. Click the Match allocation to blocking link.

5. Click the Update Team button. The Warning icon no longer displays on the stack.