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111 Detailed Utilization Report


Utilization Source: SVLive (Wired and Wi-Fi)

Displays detailed information about person and workpoint utilization records for a selected date range and location. Allows you to investigate the utilization of your buildings at the level of multiple people, individual person, or desk level.

This report does not include the days of activity when the amount of activity is below the set Minimum Active Minutes setting.

This setting is in the ‘Serraview Live Configuration’ Section.

Key Data

  • Unique Occupants tab: Displays a row for every person seen in the selected location for the chosen timeframe. For each person, the Primary Desk (where they spent the most time within the timeframe) is provided, in addition to which days the person was present (shaded blue under the date).


  • Unique Desks tab: Displays a row for each workpoint or room where someone was seen during the chosen timeframe. In place of "Primary Desk", it displays how many different people were seen at the space, and which one was the "Primary Occupant" (the person who spent the most time there).


  • Utilization Details tab: Displays the un-aggregated data from the first two tabs, with a separate row for each workpoint/person combination during the chosen timeframe. Technical details about the utilization event are displayed (e.g. Switch, Port, Wire-up Status).


Filters on every column allow focus on any data set, including people, date, utilization percentage and allocated team.