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Import - Back2Work Teams Report


This report is used when doing back to work planning. It identifies teams that have at least one team member's person record with their back to work custom field showing a phase. 

After this file has been updated, it must be imported into Serraview for changes to be applied, refer to Data Imports (My Imports).

Key Data

  • Team
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Hood


Abigail's record has Phase 2 - July  populated for the custom field titled Back2WorkPhase on her Person form.


When this report is run for Phase 2, the team Abigail is assigned to, and any other teams with people who are marked as "Phase 2 - July" and therefore Abigail will be identified. For each of those teams, the report will return a single row, with the the team name appended with  - P2, and entered the floor as the Scratch pad.