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Find the Event Viewer Log

If you need to send Serraview Support your Event Viewer log, here is how to find it.


To find the Event Logs on the Windows Operating System complete the steps below.

The steps are written for Windows 10) and you may need your IT team to complete the steps.

  1. Right-click Windows icon and from the menu select Event Viewer. The Event Viewer displays.

  2. From the menu, expand the Windows Logs and select Application.

  3. On the right-hand panel, select Filter Current Log... The Filter Event Log dialog displays.

  4. From the Event Sources drop-down, select the SerraviewLiveAgent.

  5. Click the OK button.

  6. From the list of errors, look at the Source column for SerraviewLive.

  7. Click on one of the errors. The Event Properties dialog displays.

  8. Either take a screenshot of the error.

  9. Click the Close button to close the dialog.

  10. Kept the error selected and then from the right-hand panel, click the Save Filtered Log As.

  11. Save the log to your computer.

  12. Send log screenshot and saved log to


To find the Event Logs for Mac, refer to the external article