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Version 2.34.24050 - May 2014 Release Notes

New Major Features

Custom Fields

Enhancements made to the system to better support custom fields in the system.

Custom fields can be visualized and editable under the new 'Custom Field' tab in the following UI forms: Person, Space, Hood, Building, Floor, Org Unit, Locker, Storage and Car Parks

Report builder has been enhanced to support reporting of custom fields in custom reports.

Generic imports enhanced to support importing of data against custom fields.


Localization Phase 1 enhancement completed which supports automatic conversion of dates and area measurement at an instance level. Locale setting can be configured under the Configuration section. Current supported locale; Australia & US.


Removed unused 'generic' email templates from the system.


Fix - BOS person search now correctly filters for First Name followed by Last Name initial

Fix - BOS First Day emails now support the ability to have the Sent From field automatically use the email address of the person triggered the First Day Email.

Enhancement - Improved BOS performance by changing how the grid is refreshed. When a change is made to a row the data is saved automatically upon closing the form, instead of refreshing the entire grid upon save, only the impacted row is refreshed. In addition to this, a 'Refresh' button has been added to the UI to allow users to manually force a 'refresh' of the entire grid.

Enhancement - Added floorplan report to BOS destination painter

Enhancement - Added colour selector to BOS destination painter

Enhancement - Tags for teams is now supported and can be added on the BOS grid


Added new secured action called General - Can Recalculate Portfolio Statistics for System Admins.

Data Imports

Improved Person Import to be able to handle duplicate person records in the system in instances where there is an active and archive person record with the same employee ID.


Building NLA calculations in the Recharge Module now calculates correctly.

Service Request

SR Form 'Charge To Cost Centre' will now auto populate to match the Cost Centre field when an SR is raised via the SR Portal.


Fix - Hood size will automatically increase as more workpoints are allocated to the hood.

Fix - Removed automated filtering for the Forecasting Grid to stop the grid refreshing every time a user selects a team stack in the VBS. The grid will still refresh when using the Group By function under the Legend Selector.

Fix - Hide Capacity / Opportunity statistics in the Team Grid right hand panel if the Statistic is disabled.

Enhancement - Added configuration option for adding people to a team and they are removed from a workpoint.

Enhancement - Floorplan report added to the destination painter.

Enhancement - The forecasting grid in VBS no longer filters and is now smoother.

Enhancement - Report 46 High Level Building Stack (PDF) added permanently to Move Projects VBS under the Quick Reports.

Enhancement - Improved business logic around removal of occupants against workpoints. It will now take into account the working style of the team the occupant is a member of i.e. if it is a fixed occupant within a flexi team and the person is removed from their fixed location the person will become a flexi occupant. If it's a fixed team, the person is removed from the workpoint and as well as team.

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