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Engage Web Quick Start

Engage is Serraview’s employee engagement web app. It provides users with your corporate directory and indoor maps – allowing them to rapidly find colleagues, and locate desks, rooms, and other key resources within your workplace.

Engage Reservations builds upon Engage and the back end Serraview platform to allow:

  • Employees to reserve desks, conference rooms, and other meeting spaces via the app.

  • Your Space Planners can restrict who is allowed to book desks based on flexible business rules.

Your employees can quickly access Engage Web, see Open, Sign In, and Engage.

Watch the Using Engage Web Video

00:00 Introduction

0:25 Concierge Menu

0:55 Same Day Desk Reservation

2:22 Reserve a Desk on Behalf of Another Person

3:20 Use Reservations Assists to find Desks

4:59 Search for a Colleague

5:46 Find a First Responder

6:19 Manage your Bookings

7:03 Check-in to your Desk

7:49 End

Audio: Sound Length: 7mins Direct link:

Learning Paths


 Navigate Engage Web - Use this to learn about the Engage Web so you can become more familiar with the Web app.


 Search the Corporate Directory (Web) - Use this to learn how to search for people in the Corporate Directory.


 Desk Reservations (Web) - Use this to learn how to find a desk to reserve now or at a future date, how to use the QR Codes, and how to use Reservations Assist to find the desk you want. Also, how to reserve a desk on behalf of another.


 View Upcoming Bookings and Check-in Notifications (Web) - Use this to learn about where to view your upcoming bookings and how to check-in to a desk from a notification.


 Desk Cancellation (Web) - Use this to learn how to cancel your desk booking and how a System Administrator can cancel bookings from Serraview.


 Space Reservations (Web) - Use this to learn how to find a space and then make a space reservation.