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Eptura Knowledge Center

2022 December Insights Product Release

Insights Editor

Scheduled to be released December 7th

  • Understanding which Data Element to use in Insights - We have published an article to help explain which Explore, View, or Field to use in the Insights Editor.
  • NEW - Added the Booking Safe and Booking Safe Distance setting fields from Engage.
  • NEW - Added an Ongoing dimension to the Booking (Future) and Booking (All) Explores that show whether a booking's start time is in the past and the end time has not yet arrived.
  • NEW - Added SVLive and Badge Activity views to the Booking (Historical) and Booking (All) Explores. Users are now able to see overlapping SVLive Wired activity on booked spaces, as well as badge activity for attendees with bookings, directly within the Booking Explores.

Insights Dashboards

Scheduled to be released December 7th

  • UPDATE - Combined Utilization Summary Dashboard - A few minor updates to the dashboard:
    • Renamed Utilization Pct. to Utilization Pct
    • Renamed Count Employees Only to Employees Only?
    • Set Employees Only? default to ‘yes’