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164 Manage Administrators Report

This is an export of the Manage Administrators grid and it is available in the Profile Administration > Manage Administrators' Quick Reports tab.

This report displays a list of all team administrators, their Admin Type and the teams they manage. Use this report to locate teams without a Workplace Administrator and to determine teams that have not been validated within a specific time period.

Any changes to this report via Report Builder will change the Manage Administrators grid.

Key Data

  • Region
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Team
  • Org Unit Level 1
  • Portal Last confirmed
  • Total WPs
  • Total People
  • Unoccupied WPs
  • Administrator
  • Administration Type
  • Last Login Date
  • Role


Tips and Variations

  • Filter on location, org unit, admin type, not admin type, minimum workpoints, total unoccupied workpoints, portal last confirmed before, does not have workplace rep role or does not have any roles.
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