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Set up a Document Library file to be attached to the form

Level: System Administrator

You can set up Document Libary file(s) to be attached to the New Service Request form.

Step 1. Find the file(s) ID number

Each file in the Document Library has a unique ID number and you will need to find the ID number.

  1. From the left-menu, click Resources > Document Library. The Document Library screen displays.
  2. For an existing file, record the ID number.


For details on how to upload a file, refer to Document Library.

Step 2. Add the ID number(s) to the Form File Downloads setting

You can add the ID number or multiple numbers in the setting.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > New Service Request Form.
  2. In the Form File Downloads field, enter the file's ID number.

Multiple ID Numbers can be entered in the format:

8, 10

3. Click the Update button.