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Kiosks Configuration Troubleshooting

The following will help you diagnose and solve problems.
Situation Description
Kiosk window shows a blank, white screen.


Update the KioskHostConsoleApp.exe.config file.

  1. Open the C:\Program Files (x86)\Serraview\Serraview Kiosk Host\KioskHostConsoleApp.exe.config file.
  2. Update the line:

<add key="WebKitFlags" value="--kiosk --disable-application-cache --enable-touch --enable-pinch --allow-running-insecure-content"/>

<add key="WebKitFlags" value="--kiosk --disable-application-cache --enable-touch --enable-pinch --allow-running-insecure-content --disable-gpu"/>

3. Save the file.

4. Shut down the Kiosk launcher app and then restart it.

Floorplan does not appear on the Kiosk 


If the floorplan does not appear when viewing a floor, it is likely that a JavaScript error has occurred.

  1. Check that the Kiosk is configured in mapping.
  2. On the Kiosk device, open the Chrome Browser.
  3. Get the StartupPage from configuration or userSettings.xml file.
  4. Open a command prompt and enter hostname to display the machine name.
  5. Add to the startupPage the kioskName={machine name found above}.
Duplication of on-screen keyboard


Recently (September 2019) Microsoft released a version of Windows 10, which has caused duplication of the on-screen keyboard.


Disable the Windows keyboard.

Heatmaps will only show dots on the floorplan when people are identified on the floor in Locator. Unknown people is not counted towards heatmap.


This usually occurs when Locator is showing people as Unknown Person because they have either opted out of SVLive or we are unable to find them in the People database.


Check that Locator is displaying people's names

Check report 311 SVLive Data Report and verify what usernames are collected from the LDM. Compare those usernames against the Serraview people list to confirm if a match can be made successfully.

Why do I see the message "As an anonymous user you do not have access to the requested page" on the kiosk screen?


After someone has tried to interact with the kiosk, they may see the message "As an anonymous user you do not have access to the requested page. Please log in with another account".


The following may have occurred:

  • The session has timed out (the default is 30 minutes) therefore any user interaction after 30 minutes will cause the message to display.
  • The IP Whitelisting only auto-authorizes users when the browser loads '/locator' (or extensions of this URL). When loaded, Locator will call the API not below this URL, for example, \[client_name\], which will fail and redirect when the session has timed out.


To resolve this we recommend that you, complete one of the following:

  • Install the Kiosk Launcher App as this will put Locator into full-screen mode automatically and when the PC starts up it will refresh the kiosk to keep the session alive (Windows OS only).
  • When the Kiosk is idle then refresh periodically. For example, use a Chrome extension to auto-refresh the browser.
  • When the Kiosk is idle, return to a launch screen. For example, if you are launching Locator from another page then return to this screen.

You may receive the following error when entering the KIOSK URL into the browser:



There can be multiple reasons for this error.

Reason 1

The Kiosk container has been removed from the floor plan.

Make sure the Container still exists on the floorplan by checking in Space mapping.


If the Kiosk does not exist then complete the step called Set up the location of the kiosk and orientation on the floorplan to set up the Kiosk Container.

Reason 2

The kiosk name in Serraview does NOT match the actual kiosk name.

If the machine name of the KIOSK has been changed/updated, the respective container needs to be reflected on the floor plan in Space Mapping as well.


Update the Kiosk name in Serraview, either update the Space name in the Update Space Details via the Spaces Module or the Space Details Form, make sure that you edit the SVLive Kiosk space.

Reason 3

Kiosk URL is incorrect.


Make sure the URL is correct, for example:


Make sure there are no spaces in the URL as it can add additional characters (URL encoding standard for spaces = %20).

For more details, refer to Digital Signage URL setup.