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Building Stack: Assignments and Capacity Summary Dashboard


This dashboard assists Space Planners and Managers to quickly picture the capacity and use of a building in total and floor-by-floor. It graphically represents a building’s capacity vs assigned persons and shows a visual ‘stack’ of the building’s floors with the headcount capacity and total assignments for each.

Special Data Elements

  • Assigned People - The number of persons assigned to spaces on a floor, either directly or via a team.
  • Assignment Opportunity - The number of available allocations less assigned people and retained workpoints.
  • Scratch Pad - Headcount assigned to the building but not to any specific location on a floor within the building.
  • Target - The user-inputted target ratio times the number of workpoints in the building or floor.

Special Filters

  • Target Assignment Ratio filter - User-input target ratio by which the application computes the target assignment number displayed for the building and each floor.