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Set Stack to Occupants for Fixed Team(s)

The rightsizing to occupants adjusts the stack to the number of occupants in the team in Scenario VBS. 

An occupied workpoint is any workpoint with an assigned occupant, and those workpoints with retention statuses that are configured to count towards occupancy.

To set the stack to occupants complete the following:

  1. From the stack select one team or multiple teams, or change the Group By to an Org Unit Level. See Select multiple Teams in Scenario VBS.
  2. In the right-hand side toolbar, click the Rightsizing Teams clipboard_ee135cb67724f1a33f1c183216749f27d.png icon. The Right Size Teams form displays.
  3. Click the to Occupants clipboard_ee9167306251f6a149f1969564fa72809.png button. The number of workpoints is adjusted to match the number of people in the team and this does not take into account workpoints with multiple occupants.
  4. Click the Update Stack button.



After Rightsizing to Occupants

If blocking exists on the floorplan this will not be changed.