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Navigate Bulk Update

Bulk Update contains the following screen:
  • Bulk Update

  • Navigate to Admin Settings > Reference Data > Bulk Update. The Bulk Update screen displays.


This screen consists of the following:

Element Description
clipboard_eb9b8957124748332f34270736a1394c7.png Update icon
clipboard_ea5e3dff0a3aa72ef798343620d20a92b.png Select All Rows icon
clipboard_eb60da401d62c6aefb18b884048060968.png Send Email icon
clipboard_e3b013feee5719734dc1a1b05246ebcf0.png Search field
clipboard_e37558ce00f965d33150571713d1c5f4c.png Filter icon

Bulk Update Headings display in a vertically on the left-hand side.

Bulk Update Grid display the data in columns.

The Email column will display initially as blank as no email has been sent. After you have sent out the emails an icon displays:

  • Normal email image2020-11-11_11-6-42.png icon - this displays when an email has been successfully sent
  • Failed email image2020-11-11_11-6-32.png icon - this display when the email is pending or error.