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289 Serraview Live Exceptions Report


Highlights potential problem areas in your SVLive setup. This report lists switches and workpoints that are no longer receiving activity and may require investigation.

Key Data

This report contains the following:


Switch Activity Tab

This tab provides detailed information on every switch imported into Serraview, information on location, IP address, and activity count.

This tab flags switches in the portfolio with an activity count of zero by highlighting the fields in red. The zero-activity count means Serraview is not receiving any activity from those switches, which may be due to switch changes or access changes. For the monthly audit, this allows the Corporate Real Estate team to refer back to their IT team and request updated switch information. The information acquired will assist the Corporate Real Estate and the Serraview Implementation ceIQ team in organizing the wire-up work to update the switch port to workstation mappings affected by these network changes.


Containers with No Activity Tab

This tab lists all the workstations that have not logged any activity over the selected date range, which allows Real Estate to identify which workstations require investigation as part of their monthly audit. These workstations may have had their switch port mapping changed due to a switch replacement, or they may have not been utilized by staff during the period.