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Relocations Manager Role

Relocations Manager role is defined as:
  • concerned with the successful execution of moves and churn.
  • this role can be filled through a partnership agreement with a third-party expert or be in-house.
  • they generally report to Space Planner or if part of a third-party team, may report to a Facilities Management leader.

Also known as MAC (Move Add Change) Managers.

Key Responsibilities

Who do they work with?

Workflow Management of Service Requests

Relocation Managers are a key stakeholder in Service Request workflow. Space Planners may assign Relocation Managers as the key assignee in a service request, making them responsible for its investigation and execution. As the assignee, it is up to the Relocation Manager to ensure the service request is kept current with updates and information, that approvals are sent and received, and dates and request status are updated as the request progresses. It may also involve creating or linking BOS Move Projects and inviting stakeholders as required.

Space Planner Role to understand and be prepared for the moves and changes pipeline.

Move Data Management

Relocations Managers need to ensure there is a timeline in place for capturing information from the business in line with Scenario Move Plans or relocation dates. They are responsible for the collection of all required move data and ensuring it is communicated to all stakeholders prior to a move or churn activity.

Relocations Managers also act as the liaison between the Corporate Real Estate team and the business and work with Migration Manager Role to ensure they collect the team's data and provide them with all information required to assist in their transition.

Relocation Managers need to be familiar with BOS and may need to phase BOS Moves in line with Scenario Plans.

Space Planner Role to understand and be prepared for the moves and changes pipeline.

Stakeholder Liaison

Relocation Managers need to work with and co-ordinate various resources leading up to a move. This includes Migration Managers in the business, Removalist, and IT teams, as well as Corporate Real Estate representatives and management teams.

Business Unit Representatives inducing Workplace Administrator Role and Migration Manager Role for collection of team data before a move.

Removalist teams will carry out the 'lift and shift' for all moves.

IT Representatives for moves that involve technology assets.


Relocation Managers are responsible for communicating the status of and statistics around moves and service requests.

Data Analyst Role or Data Analysts if present on the team. They need to work together to ensure the data input and output from moves and changes are accurate.