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Manage Access Profiles

Let us guide you through how to find, add, edit, or remove your Workplace Managers.

The Access Profiles can be used to manage Workplace Managers.

Find Workplace Managers

You can search or filter for Workplace Managers.

  • You can search for existing Workplace Managers to check that they are assigned to the correct location and/or org units. Refer to Search for Workplace Managers.
  • If the Workplace Administrators have not completed their team(s) validation, you can check if their Workplace Manager has ever logged into Workplace to check on the process of the validation. Refer to Search for Workplace Managers who have not logged in.

Remember before you can set up someone as a Workplace Administrator, they must exist in the People Directory.  If you want to check the People Directory, refer to Use the Person Directory Search and Filter.

Add or replace a Workplace Manager

You can add or replace Workplace Managers.

  • If you have a new employee (or an existing employee) in the business you can create an Access Profile for them. For example, the person can be set up as a Workplace Manager for a geographical location or an org unit. Refer to Assign an Access Profile to a Workplace Manager.
  • If an existing Workplace Manager needs to be changed for a team (because they have left the business or moved teams) you can update the location and/or org unit. Refer to Replace a Workplace Manager.

When you add a Workplace Manager to a location then Serraview will send out an Assignment Notification email and if the person doesn't have a Serraview user account one will be created.


Remove a Workplace Manager

You can remove one Workplace Manager or all Workplace Managers from a location, refer to Remove Workplace Manager(s).