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Corporate Real Estate Team

While each business will structure their Corporate Real Estate team in a unique way, from our experience with the global Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry we have found the following roles are most common. Also, we have detailed the interaction with other business areas and third-party providers.


Corporate Real Estate Team

Icon_Building.pngSpace Planner

Also known as an Occupancy Planner, Project Manager, or Workplace Service Lead.

Space Planners are high-level, forward-thinking Corporate Real Estate professionals, working to find accommodation solutions that meet the needs of both the business and the company's overall property strategy. They have a deep understanding of how the business works and the general distribution of divisions and teams across the company's portfolio.

Icon_Reports.pngData Analyst

Also known as a Space Data Manager or Data Manager.

Data Analysts are primarily concerned with keeping data up-to-date for the purposes of reporting and analysis. They often manage a company's space validation process and update space and allocation changes within Serraview.

Icon_Person.png Relationship Manager

Also known as a Client Manager or Project Manager.

Relationship Managers are the conduit between the Corporate Real Estate team and the business. Relationship Managers may look after a business division or a specific location and can either sit with Corporate Real Estate or with the teams or location they represent. Their primary goal is to understand the needs of the business and communicate this with the Corporate Real Estate team. Relationship Managers generally report to the Head of Commercial Workplace or a Head of Strategy.

Icon_Workplace_Administration.png Workplace Administrator

Also known as a Business Unit Representative or Real Estate Liaison.

Workplace Administrators are people within the business who have their own roles and responsibilities (within that department) who are also chosen to keep the property and occupancy data up-to-date. These administrators are often the central point of contact for the Corporate Real Estate team. They can often be an Executive Assistant to the team or to the General Manager of the line of business - they do not report directly to anyone in Corporate Real Estate.

Icon_Packing_Box.png Migration Manager

Also known as a Move Coordinator or Move Champion.

Migration Managers are the business contact during relocations and churns. They are responsible for gathering all of the relocation data for their team or business unit. Often this role is combined with the Workplace Administrator.

Icon_Truck.png Relocations Manager

Also known as a Moves, Add, Changes (MAC) Manager.

Relocations Managers are primarily concerned with the successful execution of moves and churn, including the collection of data and reporting.

image2021-8-23_10-11-36.pngSerraview System Administrator

This is the Super User and first point of contact for a Serraview End User such as a Space Planner, Data Analyst, Relocations Manager, etc. The Super User could be a Super Planner or a Facilities Manager and they will have the most experience with the Serraview platform.



Your employees are empowered to interact, navigate, and maximize their use of workplace resources and amenities.

Business Unit Stakeholder(s)

The individual or group that understands the business and has an interest in the future needs of the business' growth.

IT Team

Your IT team has the technical knowledge to integrate your business systems to Serraview. Our platform has integrations to make your data seamlessly transfer into your Portfolio data in Serraview.

Also, the IT Team will be assigned the BOS IT User role when they are involved in a large move.

Facilities Manager

Facilities Managers are focused on the efficient and effective delivery of logistics and other support services related to corporate property.