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Overwrite Other Shapes

You have the ability to overwrite other shapes. This can be used when adjusting a shape's size, refer to Move a Shape's Points, or when you want to add a shape onto the floorplan.

In this example, the space Breakout / Collaboration Area is added and we use the Overwrite Other Shapes to overwrite the space called Primary Circulation.

From the Spaces module, complete the following:

  1. Click the Edit Floor icon.
  2. Click the Add Polyline image2021-2-24_15-10-24.pngicon. The Add Polyline panel displays.
  3. From the Select a Space Type selector, either browse to a space type or search for a space type. For example, Breakout / Collaboration Area.
  4. From the shapes option button, select Rectangle or Custom Shape.
  5. Click the Overwrite Other Shapes toggle to turn it on. 
  6. On the floorplan, draw the shape.

The shape is drawn on the floorplan and you can publish this change.

overwrite other shapes.gif